From the Bizarre to the Unbelievable : 10 Weird Customs Practiced Worldwide


Human cultures are highly diverse and this diversity gives rise to a wide range of regionally specific traditions and customs. Some traditions may appear strange or even unusual to outsiders ,yet among the communities that practice them, they have great cultural importance. This blog will cover ten bizarre traditions from around the world.

From the Bizarre to the Unbelievable: 10 Weird Customs Practiced Worldwide

1. The Tomatina Festival in Spain

Every year, locals and tourists congregate in the small Spanish town of Buñoto take part in the “Tomatina” festival. People throw thousands of tomatoes at each other in a big tomato brawl during this strange event. Although the history of this custom is unknown, it is thought to have begun in the middle of the 20th century as an unplanned moment of joy during a neighborhood procession.

2. Finger Cutting Ritual in Papua New Guinea

A ritual known as “Dai” or “Huli Wigmen” is practised by several Papua New Guinean tribes to commemorate important life milestones. The ceremony of cutting one’s finger off after a loved one dies is among the strangest traditions. In order to convey their sorrow, male family members cut off a portion of their fingers; these severed fingers are then kept and delivered as a mark of respect during funeral rites.

3. Baby Jumping Festival in Spain

The peculiar “El Colacho” or “Baby Jumping Festival” is held in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. Babies born the previous year are put on a mattress in the street as part of this venerable custom. In order to symbolise the removal of original sin and to ensure the children’s well-being, a costumed guy playing the devil leaps over the infants

4. The Coffin Hanging Ritual in Indonesia

In the Indonesian province of Toraja, a person’s journey does not always stop with death. The Torajan people think that unless a lengthy funeral ritual is carried out, a person is not actually dead. The deceased’s body is placed in a casket and either carved into the rock face or hanged on the side of a cliff during this rite to represent the passage to the afterlife..

5. Thaipusam Piercing Ritual in Malaysia

A prominent Hindu holiday known as Thaipusam is observed throughout South Asia. It is celebrated in Malaysia with a body piercing rite in which believers use hooks and skewers to fasten complex objects known as “kavadis” to their bodies. The participants remain in a trance-like state despite the excruciating pain, proclaiming their devotion to Lord Murugan and pleading for blessings.

6. Bullet Ant Glove Initiation in Brazil

The Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon rainforest subjects young boys to a torturous initiation ceremony. The lads are required to wear gloves made of bullet ants, which have a painful sting, during this rite of passage. The boys put up with the pain for a number of minutes, demonstrating their readiness to become warriors and gaining the community’s respect.

7. The Cheese Rolling in England

The bizarre and thrilling rolling cheese tradition is a yearly occurrence in Gloucestershire ,England. Cooper’s Hill, a dangerously steep incline is where participants assemble to take part in the exciting event. The goal is to pursue a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese that has been hurled down the slope. The objective of the game is to reach the cheese first, but the difficulty is maintaining balance as you resist gravity.

8. Walking on Fire in Fiji

An age-old Fijian custom that displays the strength of spirituality over bodily injury is the firewalking ceremony. After being purified, participants walk barefoot over a bed of hot, blazing embers. It is thought that performing this ceremony can bestow blessings, good health, and protection from evil spirits.

9. The Famadihana Ritual in Madagascar

The Famadihana, also known as “turning of the bones,” is a peculiar tradition practiced in Madagascar to pay respect to the deceased. Families come together every few years to exhume the bodies of their deceased loved ones, wrap them in new cloth, and dance with the corpses while listening to live music. The ceremony is said to enhance the connection between the living and the dead and bring good fortune.

10. The Fireball Festival in Thailand

In November, on the eve of the full moon, the people of Nong Khai, Thailand, observe the “Bun Bang Fai” or “Fireball Festival.” Participants fire homemade rockets into the sky in an effort to entice rain for their crops from the heavens. Vibrant dance and music acts go along with the spectacle.


The cultural diversity of humanity is evidence of the wonder and complexity of our environment. People have always observed traditions and practises that might seem unusual to outsiders but are deeply meaningful to their communities. The diversity of our worldwide heritage may be seen in these ten strange traditions, which also serve as a reminder of the wide range of human experiences.


  1. Are these customs practiced in modern times?
    Yes, many of these customs are still practiced today, preserving their cultural heritage and significance.
  2. Are outsiders allowed to participate in these rituals?
    Some customs are open to outsiders, while others might be restricted to the members of the community.
  3. Do these customs have religious significance?
    Some customs have religious roots, while others are tied to cultural beliefs and practices.
  4. Are there any safety measures during these rituals?
    Safety measures are often in place, but participants willingly take part, fully aware of the risks involved.
  5. Do these customs ever change or evolve?
    Like any aspect of culture, customs can evolve over time, adapting to the changing world while still preserving their essence.

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